Bowel Movements.

This is one subject that people don’t want to talk about. Most think it is a yucky topic and are ashamed that they eliminate……well, guess what? We all do, the Queen does, your favourite celebrity, musician or loved one does….and if they don’t, well, there is a problem.

What most don’t know is that you should eliminate after EVERY meal.  THAT IS NORMAL!!!!!! Having a BM once a day, every other day or less is not normal. Your doctor telling you that how ever often you go, is normal for you, is wrong unless it is after every meal.  A movement should be easy, no straining, fully formed, brown in colour, little or no smell, and you should feel fully evacuated.  That is normal.  Anything other than is NOT.  If you ate beets, drank red wine or ate something that would colour your bowel movements, that is okay too.

Many of us go every other day, have hard or pencil like movements, or diarrhea and don’t feel like we have fully evacuated. There is a problem.  Medications can change the way your bowels move or food sensitivities/allergies can be another reason.  Not enough fluid in the day can harden your movements as the water in the bowel can be reabsorbed by the body due to dehydration.  That is why you should drink enough fluid. To make sure you move.  Moving, such as exercise is another good reason to move that muscle, the colon.

Constipation and diarrhea are the same issue. When the bowel becomes impacted with feces, the body liquefies the waste in order to remove the toxins from the body. Constant diarrhea can cause dehydration and create an imbalance of electrolytes.

Improper elimination can result in gallbladder issues, varicose veins, heart problems, colon cancer, diverticulosis, hiatal hernia, arthritis. Your colon can grow in width and becomes encrusted with feces that harden with constipation and the mucus can become hard like rubber. You then can develop diverticulitis.

This is where you “grow” little sacs along the length of the colon where the feces hide, and grow hard like a skin tag.  This becomes inflamed, can cause pain and eventually cancer if not cleaned out.  These sacs can burst and then you are dealing with a medical emergency and a colostomy needs to be performed as you can die.  A colostomy is when a bag is used to collect your waste via a tube now located outside your body.  This has its own problems down the road.

I will get into more details in our next issue, but suffice it to say, keep your body well hydrated.  If you feel the need to go, GO! Don’t wait, this will cause your body to shut down and the waste just accumulates.  Eat enough fibre to create enough substance for a complete movement.  Squatting on a toilet is better than sitting on a high one.  The knees should be higher than your behind.  If necessary, put your feet on a low stool to elevate your knees when sitting on a toilet. Move your body……

A toxic bowel will make you feel tired, look tired, your skin will be sallow (yellow), eyes will be dull. I often ask, Do you feel shitty?  The answer is met with laughter and invariably yes.  This is an indicator to me what is going on with the individual.

Laxatives are not the answer.  This I will speak of in our next issue. We do have product at the store that is not a laxative, non habit forming and will ensure movement.  If you have any of the problems mentioned here, stop in and we can offer some assistance and guidance.

Nothing better than a good go….

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