I would like to apologize to each and every one of our newsletter subscribers and new readers. It has been some time since I wrote or sent anything to you.

Much has happened in that time. Mainly, our beloved staff member Jan, who you know from both stores, and my right hand, suffered a brain aneurysm. She planned her day as most of us do, and the next thing she was in Toronto in ICU. The alternative is never a better bet. Thankfully she is fine and getting her strength back.

What I want to say, is that Jan is healthy. She was very lucky in that she takes no medication and lives a healthy lifestyle. The prognosis and recovery could have been very different if she was on several medications. This she relayed to me while in ICU. Many of us rely on doctor prescriptions for keeping us on track, and many are vitally necessary. Many are not. There are alternatives to many of the medications out there that supposedly prevent and or support health.

Vitamin E, Red Yeast Rice, Sytrinol and a number of other products including Dr. Gifford Jones MediC Plus are fantastic alternatives to cholesterol, blood pressure or blood thinning prescriptions with no side effects. White willow bark is an aspirin alternative that will not harm the stomach or cause bleeding. A retired physician came in, who had irreversible nerve damage done by cholesterol lowering medications, looking for an alternative to his condition.

St. John’s Wort, Relora, Kava Kava, Ashwaganda are great for mood issues and stress. St. John’s Wort is especially beneficial for depression. There are natural alternatives for anxiety. We see a lot of people now suffering from this debilitating issue.

Strauss Heart Drops will strengthen the heart muscle, help with arrhythmia, as well as work on circulation. This product was almost taken off the market by Big Pharma, because it is so effective. By the way, I am giving it to my beloved member of our family, my dog. She is 13 and had been coughing a lot as her heart has enlarged. This happens when they get older. Since starting Strauss, no more coughing. No, it was not a cold or flu, as it had been going on for quite a few months before I caught on it was her heart and fluid buildup. There are human success stories that abound.

Arteries that are blocked, would do well with FLW. A gentleman dropped by the store quite a few years ago to tell me that he was written off by his physician, in that he had severe blockage. There was nothing they could do anymore for him and that he should make his peace. Not giving up, he discovered FLW and told me it saved his life. He would not be here if it were not for FLW.

The conditions abound from autoimmune issues to cancer. The issue is all these can be reversed or the effects minimized with good nutritional support, a lot of homework, and due diligence.

I say in many cases, the better you treat your house (body), the better you live in it. Maintenance is key, as you would your actual home. If you move in when it is new (baby), live in it, abuse it, treat it poorly and not maintain it, it will start to crumble and fall apart, (we call it aging), a contractor then has to step in and it will cost time and money to get it fixed to where you can live comfortably in it again. This is what we refer to as a major renovation. Only problem is you can’t put it up for sale and move elsewhere…….

Pain, arthritis and tendon issues can also be addressed naturally. We all have choice and what we choose for our house will result in the quality of life we live. Some are okay with a house (body) that does what it needs to do and aches and pains, disease and conditions are a part of it. When something major happens, the house may not respond as well if it is in a state of neglect.

Should you want to discuss some alternatives, you are always welcome to stop by and we can show you what can be used to help your house. Please do not call to discuss as we do not have the time as we are looking after those that have come in person.

Jan will be back in due time and you may wish her well upon her return.

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