Many of you are having prescriptions filled for statin medications, as your test results have come back saying you have elevated cholesterol levels and the only way to combat this is to take meds or you may have a stroke or heart attack.

CoQ10 or better CoEnzymeQ10 is depleted by statin medications and every cell in the body is dependent on this nutrient.  Statins suppress CoQ10 and heart failure is a result of this fact. The brain is highly dependent on this as well and amnesia like symptoms have increased due to the lack of CoQ10. Lack of energy and damage to muscle fibres is linked to the use of statins.

Cholesterol is naturally made and needed for function of many bodily systems.  Cholesterol does not cause heart attacks. Cholesterol is needed for active brain function.  Lowering cholesterol in the brain can result in loss of memory and worse, brain hemorrhages.

The number one cause based on actual research shows that atherosclerosis is caused by consuming too much sugar and processed carbohydrates. Atherosclerosis is an inflammatory disorder of the blood vessel lining and produced by oxidation of cholesterol.

When you consume processed foods and sugar….most are made with omega 6 oils such as safflower and corn.  These oils oxidize when you cook with them as they are polyunsaturated in their raw form. When heated they oxidize. The very thing you don’t want.  Processed foods are made with these very oils as they are cheap and loaded with sugar in most cases.  They cause inflammation. Statin drugs are anti-inflammatory and it is an immune suppressant.

Natural anti-inflammatories that do not cause side effects like statin medications are curcumin, quercetin, garlic extracts, omega 3 oils, Vitamin C and Vitamin E with mixed tocopherols.  They reduce inflammation, detox the body, and can prevent excessive blood coagulation, meaning they thin the blood.

Taking CoQ10 along with a statin medication will decrease the effects of inflammation; however, the immune suppressing effect will lower the ability to fight infections and can ultimately increase the risk of developing cancer.

To stay healthy, eat a clean diet which means consuming good quality proteins, fruits and vegetables, limit your whole grains and enjoy good quality fats, such as virgin olive, palm and coconut.  Cook with palm and coconut oils.  They do not oxidize upon heating, whereas olive will do that as do canola and others. Butter is ideal for cooking but it has a tendency to burn.

Stay away from margarine. It is a polyunsaturated fat in liquid form that has been processed, hence, turned into a bad fat and no amount of advertising will convince those in the know, that when you take a liquid oil, in its NATURAL STATE and turn it into a solid, it becomes a transfat. Bad.

Good quality food means it does NOT, AND I REPEAT NOT, come in a box, a bag or a can.

The exception to this is whole grains. Not oatmeal, flour, or something that was done to the WHOLE GRAIN.

This newsletter is for information purposes only and not meant for diagnosing, treating or prescribing.  Check with your trusted health practitioner before starting a course of change.

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