I really, really HATE this word. It is a multi billion dollar industry, that has spawned a host of problems, mostly for women. It is a word that kids know, people are perpetually on one and we buy so much product or pay fees to join so many clubs in order to get to that “ideal” weight.

Whatever happened to cutting back on the amount we eat or the products we put on our plates or in our mouths? This should be enough to ensure this word stopped being uttered or written.


We sell dieting supplements. They work. People ask us all the time if they do. We would not sell products that are “snake oil”. We, in the health food industry would be out of business if we did. The reason I bring this all up is two-fold.

First, the food. We are on diets, because we generally eat too much, too much, and the wrong foods. We feel that we need copious amounts on our plates to be satisfied. Sizing is skewed. Bagels decades ago were dense and small. Cans of pop were smaller. Servings of food were smaller. We drank coffee with cream and sugar not in mochachino latte with whipped cream and caramel syrups, or we drank it black. Ditto tea. Burgers were one patty, small as your hand with tomato, lettuce, and ketchup, mustard and relish. Small fries on the side. Not a one pounder with a bucket of fries with cheese and gravy on them.

Whatever happened to portion control????

What happened to just saying no..NO!

Why does everyone eat well, but too much? Much of the reason is time. We hurry everywhere….right to the doctor and then to the grave. Our health, our knees, self image, and the millions of dollars spent on weight loss. Is it worth that little amount of extra food (perceived value), at the price of your health? Could you skip a little something in order to provide yourself and family the time of a well prepared meal, eaten slowly in order to feel the time until you feel full?

What about preparing a meal that incorporates raw, fresh, cooked in your home, ingredients. Not to take a box or out of a bag product that you heat up or thaw that might be considered a meal. You deserve better. Sickness is very costly. Death is also. Check out the price of a funeral. I am not joking.

Eating how you have been will lead you to sickness and then disease. I am speaking to those of you who are struggling with weight, even though you may say to me, I do not eat those things. There are other reasons for weight gain, but the majority of problems stem from just eating, eating and eating.

Several years ago, I was in the States and watched four ladies at lunch eating when I arrived a large salad, Stateside salad. This means the portions are enough to feed three to four but ordered for one person. Along came bruschetta to the table. It was a loaf of Italian bread, cut lengthwise and topped with a large amount of tomatoes, spices and of course cheese melted on top. I thought, wow, that is a huge amount of food for lunch. Then came their main courses……

Large bowls of stuffed pasta. The ladies were packing on at least an extra 30 to 40 pounds on their frames. I am being kind.

I eat out periodically. Protein and veggies are the usual for me. I eat enough. Not too much, enough. I watch what others order. I am curious. The value is what we now look for, not the quality. We want alot, that tastes GOOD, and is inexpensive and hopefully large enough for tomorrow. How does a restaurant make money to offer you that type of value? They have to compromise in quality. When you eat at home, prepared in a loving manner and eaten slowly, you nourish your body, provide health to your system, and feel much better. Purchase the raw materials of the best quality you can afford. Grass fed beef is dense and you CANNOT eat a huge piece unlike corn fed beef. Pasture raised animals are the same. They have fat that is actually good for you and should be consumed. Heard of Omega’s? Large salad with lots of veggies. Stuff yourself with these. Stay away from potatoes. They are lumps of sugar. If you must, half is enough. Half of one medium potato……

You do NOT need filler. Look what filler has done. Fat, fat, fatty. Protein, veggies, fruit. That is it. Carbs once in a while. Bread is also filler. If you are an athlete, you need filler. Carbs in the form of grains and flours provide energy for running and working out. If you are an athlete, eat it in the form of whole grains. That is not mean whole wheat bread from the supermarket. That is white bread with a little fibre and colouring added.

My daughter sent me an article published in the New York Times, that talked about how sales are up in the produce sections of supermarkets and sales in the “morgue”,the centre isles of same are down 47%. This is great news. We are choosing healthier and better. Choose healthier and better. The boxed meals purchased from the frozen section of a supermarket or from the chain stores that offer frozen foods are not healthier and better. Filled with preservatives, chemicals and cheap ingredients. They look amazing. That is packaging and marketing.

Raw broccoli is neither great looking or marketed by the media. Same goes for homemade salad with house made dressing using real ingredients. More on this subject in the next issue.

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