AOR Vision Support II​

Losing the ability to see is a debilitating condition that affects and alters every aspect of life. One of the most common causes of blindness is Age-Related Macular Degeneration (AMD). Several nutrients can help preserve eye health and may reduce the incidence of AMD.

AOR’s Vision Support II formula includes a variety of nutrients that can have a positive impact on eye health. These include lutein and zeaxanthin, natural pigments called xanthophylls, which may help filter UV light entering the eye, and may prevent damage to the lens. The formula also contains astaxanthin and black soybean hull extract – both of which are antioxidants, and benfotiamine, a form of vitamin B1 that attempts to prevent protein glycation – a process that is damaging to the eyes. These ingredients are delivered in an oil-based delivery system for improved absorption.

In combination with a complete daily multi-vitamin, Vision Support II is an ideal choice to help promote long term eye health. We recommend you consult your health professional regarding use of this product as part of your health regime.

Similasan Allergy Eye Relief​

Stop drowning your eyes in harsh chemicals.

Traditional over-the-counter drops use chemicals to mask symptoms. Similasan of Switzerland works differently, by using natural active ingredients to stimulate the body’s natural defenses, so you can feel better without harsh chemicals. We recommend you consult your health professional regarding use of this product as part of your health regime.





Dandies Marshmallows

Dandies Vegan Marshmallows are indistinguishable from a conventional marshmallow. These light and fluffy marshies are perfect for roasting over a campfire, putting in hot chocolate (or coffee, try it!), crisp rice treats, s’mores, or straight out of the bag!





So Delicious Dipped Salted Caramel Bars made with Cashew Milk

With only 180 calories per serving this dairy free, vegan product is to die for!

Smooth caramel blended with creamy cashew milk and dipped in delicious dark chocolate. Your spoon has never had it so good.



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