We, as women have a lot of endurance and the fact that we have the ability to be in tune with our bodies is a blessing.  The issue I want to bring forth is that we have hormones that often go out of kilter, whether it be PMS, perimenopuause or actual menopause.

I hear it at the store on a daily basis.  “I can’t sleep, my periods are whacky, the hot flashes and night sweats are killing me, my husband is dealing with a banshee, I put on all this weight and I don’t know why….”

Many of the above complaints are when our bodies are telling us we are entering a new stage of our lives and things have gone out of control.  The transitions should be easy and fluent, yet often they are not.  The stress we deal with in our lives is greater than ever before and we keep at it as we have often no other choice.  Whether it be single parents, dealing with aging parents and children, our own health issues or that of jobs, children, parents and health problems.

The stress is manageable until it is not.  The cost is lack of sleep, short tempers, weight gain, pre diabetic, hormone havoc and a whole host of other issues that are too numerous to mention now.  I will get into other issues later.

What I will talk about here is insomnia and anxiety. This is more than the occasional sleepless night, this is where you fall asleep and wake in the middle of the night without being able to fall asleep.  This can go on night after night and this can create anxiety about even going to sleep.  You try sleeping aids to no avail or you fall asleep due to sheer exhaustion.  This is adrenal stress or adrenal exhaustion.  I wrote about adrenals in my previous blog, so please refer to that article for more information.

To help combat this issue, you need to look at not only adrenal support, such as a glandular to rebuild but also 5HTP.  5-HTP is a metabolite of tryptophan, one nutrient you find in turkey.  Tryptophan converts into 5-HTP  and then into serotonin.  Serotonin deficiency is responsible for weight gain, depression, anxiety, sleeplessness, joint pain and inflammation.  5-HTP tells you when you are full, keeps your mood elevated and allows for great sleep.  Weight loss has been attributed to sufficient doses of 5-HTP.  One using SSRI’s needs to consult with a health care practitioner before starting 5-HTP.  A suggested dose is 100mg three times daily with the ability to increase to a higher dose if necessary.  Happysense by Womensense is a great brand in a 100mg dosage.

If there is still a sleep issue after starting Happysense, you can include Sleepsense by the same brand.  This will ensure adrenal support with a healthy restful night.

Adrenasense has not only 5-HTP but other adrenal support herbs to help bring the adrenals back in line at a quicker timeline.  Please ask one of us to help you choose the right combination for you.

Next time I will discuss Thyroid issues, so please stay tuned.

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