As I wrote earlier about the adrenal glands and how important it is to address these precious jewels, the stress component is primary to protecting them.

Vital to taking stress into consideration, the B complex vitamins are of utmost importance and should be taken at least 3 times daily.  There are other herbs such as Holy Basil, Ashwaganda, Rhodiola and Relora that will help to put out that fire that each one of us deals with on a daily basis.

The part I want to address here, is the weight, and we all know how that affects us who are active, eat well and find that weight is climbing.  Carrying a spare tire around the middle was not one we chose and wish we could shed.  We try all the “Dr. Oz” recommendations, with some success and some not at all. Face it, the hormones have done this and we don’t like it.  Especially since hot flashes, night sweats, moodiness, hair loss and a whole host of other conditions have seemed to cropped up also.

What do we do?  First, you have to face that your body is slowing down, which means your metabolism also.  This means you need to rev up the machine that is your body and it can be done several ways.  Exercise is your best buddy…..

I know, you hate it, never had to do it, or can’t because of whatever the reason.  We all have the ability to move unless you are completely infirm.  Walk, briskly if you can, grab some weights and have someone show you how to properly use them, dance, do some sit ups, or leg raises, etc.  We were all young and yes, we were able, but now you can modify that movement and not necessarily use the part of your body that you cannot.  Use the parts that you can.

Second, there are supplements that can get your metabolism going without affecting your heart or other health conditions you might have.  5-HTP is wonderful for stopping carb cravings, aids in better sleep, aids in weight loss, great for anxiety and makes you feel good.  You cannot take 5-HTP if you are on anti-depressants. Check with your health care provider if you are wanting to get off of SSRI’s and take 5-HTP.  One that I have used and use when needed is Adipolitik.  This supplement will burn fat, not muscle and works even better if you exercise.  It works as it has all the “Dr.Oz” recommended nutrients built into one bottle.  No stimulant components and all the benefits.

Third, have your thyroid function checked.  Your doctor may have run tests that say your function is fine, however, you may still be thyroid hypoactive.  Take the basal body temp test.  Each morning, for 3 mornings before getting out of bed, before stretching or even moving, take your body temp with a thermometer and record it.  If your body temp is low, that means your thyroid is underactive.  If you move or make the slightest stir before taking your temp, that will negate the results.  Have the thermometer on your bedside table. There are thyroid support products in our stores if you want to get things moving and your physician refuses to prescribe medications, citing you are fine.  This might get you feeling better and when your thyroid is functioning at optimal levels, weight loss and a whole host of other problems can diminish.

Fourth, Stop and I mean STOP, eating carbs.  Yes, that means cereal, pasta, bread, crackers, cookies, oatmeal, flour and anything made from it.  Especially if you bought it at the GROCERY STORE! These are GMO products and should not be a part of your diet.  You will challenge me to say, “What do you mean, I can’t eat this?” “What will I eat?” “Carbs are supposed to be good for you, I eat whole grain………” Grains are great if you are running a marathon, working in the fields or lugging cargo.  These are used for high energy activities and most of us are not about to run a race, move furniture for a living or furrow a field with a horse and plow.  You can get enough fibre from your fruits and veggies.  Try it for a month and see how you feel.  Don’t skip your protein, that you need at every meal.

If you don’t agree and you have no weight issues, fine, continue on with what you have been doing.  If you want to change and what you have been doing doesn’t work, try something different.  You have at times to try something different to get different results. If you need some help with speeding up your results, come in and we can help you to find what works for you.

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