I needed to catch your attention. I hope I have it and yes, I will discuss both.

We as a society are having more health issues, are fatter and on a constant cycle of dieting and relying on doctors to keep us well. We in turn have given away our power to others, such as the media, by relying on articles and specialists to tell us what is best and we follow like sheep. Has anyone decided to question what “they” say and ask “is it really in my best interest?”

What do we eat? We have seen the food pyramid change from eating more protein and fat, to more grains and less of the above. Eating more whole grains does not mean eating “whole grain bread” or “whole grain cereal” and enriched grains. It means eating the actual grain. Spelt kernels, oat groats, whole wheat kernels are what is meant by whole grains. Nothing has been done to them. No processing into some fortified thing that resembles what it once was. If you eat the “whole grain”, you will not be able to eat a lot of it as it is very filling and keeps the body satiated for a long period of time. Cereal, bread, even the good stuff like oatmeal turns into sugar almost immediately in the body and you are not only hungry in a few hours, but you get a nice blood sugar spike, which will eventually contribute to a blood sugar imbalance. Eventually that blood sugar imbalance presents itself to becoming a diabetic. A nice bowl of cereal, with toast and jam, followed with a glass of orange juice is nothing but sugar, sugar, sugar and more sugar. No different than having chocolate bars and ice cream for breakfast. I much prefer the latter for enjoyment. I have often heard how well people eat. Are you eating the above or digging into a plate of eggs, bacon, tomatoes and a single slice of toast? The latter is generally what I eat, and minus the toast. “What about my cholesterol? Won’t that clog my arteries?” Actually, the cereal, jam, instant oatmeal, and the flour laden items will do it, not the protein.

I love to go out for breakfast and often amazed at what people order. Waffles covered in syrup, whipped cream, chocolate, large stack of pancakes, French toast with frozen berries and sugar, some fruit parfait with yogurt, crepes and again more chocolate syrup, and bananas. The Menu sounds delicious. I know, I drool when I see these items come to the table. The problem with this menu is that this is not a rare occasion on what people actually eat. This is an actual menu and the flow of customers ordering is abundant. Very few order what I eat. The protein part of the menu. I have watched and paid attention.

Protein keeps the muscles intact and helps to build muscle. Remember the brain and heart are muscles. So are your bowels. Cereal or bread does not build muscle. Eat protein at every meal. Protein such as meat, poultry, raw nuts, seafood, spirulina. I do not include dairy products. They are NOT a good source of protein. They are a good source of sugar. Even Greek yogurt. Tell me that when you have a smoothie with Greek yogurt for breakfast or some cottage cheese that you are full till lunch. What is wrong with bacon and eggs for breakfast? The whole thing, not egg whites with some processed precooked bacon, but the whole egg and the type of meat you need to cook. Eggs are a healthy source of lecithin, keeps your arteries clean. This does not increase your chance of cholesterol problems, but quite the opposite. Have this with some tomato or cucumber and you have a healthy nutritious meal. Eat real fruit. Not the comes in a carton and it is just as good. It isn’t. Can’t stomach it as it is too rich? Have a smoothie. With protein. Add real fresh fruit. Another good breakfast. Oh, by the way, you NEED to eat breakfast. This gets your metabolism started and you cannot run an engine on empty. Fuel in the morning will ensure that you don’t eat late at night. Try it. I used to be the “can’t eat breakfast” gal and would eat after dinner until I felt full and then to bed to turn those calories into fat.

Lunch should be much the same. Protein, veggies, fat. Dinner, the same. Fruit should be eaten as snacks. When I speak of fat, I am talking about butter, coconut oil, lard, palm oil, olive oil, avocado oil. These fats are good fats. Cook with coconut oil, lard, avocado and palm oil. These have a high smoking point and will not turn into a trans fat. Butter and olive oil are not the best as they burn and then become unhealthy. Best used for flavouring, seasoning, low heat cooking or baking. Buy organic where possible as you don’t want hormones, antibiotics and chemicals in your oils.

Fat is essential to keeping the arteries clean, the brain functioning and smooth muscle conductivity. Fat oils the body and is necessary like oil to a car.

The worst type of fat is margarine. Plastic fat is what we call it. Even non hydrogenated. How can you turn a liquid oil like canola, which by the way is GMO’d, into a solid without hydrogen? It stays semi solid even in a warm environment. This is not good. If you need something for bread, use butter, coconut oil, nut butters to give it some flavour.

Eat lots of green leafy veggies. These contain fibre, minerals, vitamins and enzymes. All the things you look for in your carbs. Fruit in moderation unless you are athletic and active. Lots and lots of water. Drink to hydrate and to empty the toxins into your bowels, which will then be eliminated.

These recommendations are going to help you lose weight and you will definitely start to look and feel younger.

I will speak more on younger skin and youthfulness in my next article so stay tuned. In the interim, try the above suggestions and see if you don’t feel better in a short period of time and drop a few pounds in the process.

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