In this day and age we are all concerned about Cancer and disease.  We are aging as a population and we hear about friends, loved ones and even ourselves getting the news that disease has taken one of us.  We hurt, we ache, we are told by the doctor there is nothing they can do, or we take a mass of prescription medications that seemingly make us feel better but could also make things worse.

Aging does not mean pain or loss.  If you keep on a healthy lifestyle, your payback is immense. If you insist on being addicted to certain substances, whether it be cigarettes, alcohol, sugar, diet drinks, pastries, breads, and all the things you know you should not consume but feel better initially doing….well, you may not have the benefit of a feel better body and energetic day(s).

We all know what to do, but how do we do it?  Yes, yes, yes, diet, exercise, water are the foundations of what everyone tells you.  You know this.  But did you know a multivitamin is now a necessity and not the synthetic kind that is advertised in the media.  I wrote about natural vs synthetic and why you should take supplements.  See previous news blogs.

Multivitamin, essential fatty acids such as Omega 3’s, calcium/magnesium and not just any kind, the ones that will actually do some good.  I was at a big box store and saw a woman pick up a bottle of cal/mag and without looking put it in her buggy.  Taking a look at the ingredients, this product will actually do more harm than good in the long run for her.  The calcium is an inferior type of calcium and is the type that will cause hardening of the arteries and the magnesium was almost non-existent so the calcium would not even reach her bones if it was half decent.  Because the price is attractive, she believed that the product was beneficial.  Much like going out and buying a pair of shoes;  They look good until you wear them for a bit, if the fit is poor your feet will suffer and so will you.

A good quality product pays you back in spades and actually does what it is meant to do.  We at the store pride ourselves on not only quality and selection, but on price point as well.  A Customer came in and spoke to me about cost of product and how he pays less for his supplements at the pharmacy than one of ours on the shelf.  We compared quality, ours being more absorbable and useful, and then the actual cost of the product.  His product was initially less expensive, however, when we compared how many capsules were in his product vs ours, ours was half the price per dose and a far better product to boot. This is where knowledge is necessary when you make a purchase.  Research, ask questions, be informed because what is on the surface may not be the real deal underneath

Supplements are a key to a vibrant and healthy life along with good quality foods. Eat grass fed beef, pasture raised meats, organic eggs, fruits and vegetables.  The pesticides and artificial fertilizers are not healthy for a body to consume.  Hormonal and antibiotic fed meat and poultry should be eliminated. Clean water, air and exercise is part of what you should be doing.

Alkalize the diet as much as possible and that in itself is often difficult due to stress, poor dietary choices and the environment.  There are ways to add alkalinity to your lifestyle which includes the addition of raw foods or powdered greens. This will prevent disease from ever taking hold or keep it at bay if it strikes.

Should you have further questions about the above please feel free to stop in and ask me or one of my staff about making some changes to make you feel better and healthier. Please don’t call as we don’t consult over the phone.

Many thanks


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