Inflammatory Bowel Disease has many different names, IBS, Crohn’s, Colitis but what it really means is irritation to the digestive system.  The common symptoms can range from cramping, diarrhea, constipation, blood in the stool, or all of them combined….Many suffer silently, others looking for answers with little success.

Most will look to their physicians for answers and results only to be told to eat more fibre, take anti inflammatory medications or re-sectioning of the bowel to alleviate symptoms.  The symptoms are a result of irritation to the gut, but what is the irritation?  The cure can often be the culprit.

What most don’t know and doctors have little input is the very thing you put in your mouth…your diet.  What you eat, albeit, healthy is often the very problem.  The foods themselves can be causing sensitivity to the digestive tract and this is often developed over a period of time or over a lifetime.  The very foods we eat over and over again cause a hypersensitivity to the body and therefor, can cause the very problem.  This can result in weight gain or loss, bloating, cramping and the earlier mentioned symptoms.  This could include malnutrition due to the inability to absorb nutrients from the foods ingested.

The main culprits that cause this sensitivity to the body system are dairy (from all animals) and that includes milk, yogurt, cheese, ice cream, cream.  You get the picture…, eggs, gluten (found in wheat, rye, spelt, kamut, oats, barley), corn, peanuts, soy, sugar and artificial sweeteners. The last one is the worst as it is not only a chemical but also a carcinogen.  These are the foods we eat most often and wonder why we have developed these symptoms that cause pain.

The body has become intolerant to the daily bombardment of these foods and is now reacting.  Many of these foods have changed over the decades and are either not even similar to what they were originally, especially in the case of wheat and there is sugar now in just about every food you consume.  Believe it or not, sugar is added to your fresh ground meat to keep it fresher longer and make it taste better.

One grabs a muffin or cereal for breakfast, has a sandwich for lunch and a cookie, may have a donut as a snack and then consumes a plate of pasta for dinner with bread to mop up the sauce.  This can be repeated often in various forms but the result is the same, wheat, wheat and wheat with sugar. A hamburger, is the same animal just with a little beef added to the diet.  The toppings can result in a lot of sugar….

You don’t need to starve in order to avoid the 7 allergens.  Protein comes in many forms and paired with vegetables, fruits, and healthy fats, one never goes hungry and can gain health as well as lose a few pounds in the process if needed.  This type of diet will heal the gut, aid in reducing inflammation and give the body the rest it needs from the bombardment of allergens.

Give this a try if you are looking for a change in your health. You have nothing to lose and if what you have been doing has not given you the results you want, maybe it is time for a different approach.

We at Georgian Health Foods can suggest food options and we carry alternatives to the very foods that you enjoy but no longer want to ingest. Come in and see the selection.

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