There are more than 400 types of bacteria in our digestive tract made up of many types of strains.  You have heard of lactobacillus, bifidobacteria, rheumanococcus, streptococcus.

Some of these are friendly, others not so much.  Lactic acid producing bacteria protect the immune system from overgrowth of harmful bacteria by acidifying the intestinal tract.  One hundred trillion bacteria live together symbiotically or antagonistically.  We have billions of bacteria in our mouths and more in the intestinal tract, or the colon.  These bacteria can raise or lower our risk of disease and cancer, aging, immune strength and nutritional status. The friendly bacteria offer protective and nutritional properties.  They are often called “intestinal flora or probiotics”.  Lactobacilli are found in the small intestine and bifido bacterium are primarily in the colon.  These are the two most important bacteria. They live in harmony with each other and thrive on a dark, warm, moist environment where they enhance our health.

Flora is important for fighting infections and provides a front line in our immune defense.  Friendly flora also manufactures many vitamins including B-complex, folic acid, vitamin A and K. These bacteria increase our resistance to food poisoning and some of these food borne infections can cause heart and valve problems, immune disorders, joint disease, chronic illness and even cancer.  What these flora do is change the environment by secreting large amounts of acids which make the area unsuitable for pathogens. They help to displace funguses, such as thrush, vaginal discharge, nail and foot fungus, etc. They also digest lactose.  Many who are able to eat yogurt and cultured dairy products are able to do so because of the bacteria. They regulate the bowels, digest proteins , produce antibiotics and antifungals, have anti tumor and cancer effects, increase the immune system cells, play a role in normalizing serum cholesterol and triglycerides.

Most will turn to yogurt for their good bacteria.  Or they think yogurt has it.  Not all yogurt is created equal.  The stuff you buy in the supermarket in the yogurt aisle where it has been widely advertised on television, has little or no friendly bacteria whatsoever. The bacteria advertised doesn’t exist in nature and helps to sell more yogurt.  The stuff has so much sugar and has been cooked into oblivion.

The natural yogurt is often not much better.  You are better off making your own or shopping for it in the health food stores. These yogurts contain the natural and strains your body mostly needs in order to help repair and retain health matters.  Most of the stronger friendly bacteria are available in capsule or powder format.  These are often used therapeutically and give quick relief from the ailments troubling you. They often contain multiple strains of bacteria to help colonize and give better immune enhancing properties.

If you have been on antibiotics, hormonal therapeutics, cancer therapies, birth control or strong prescription medications that suppress the immune system, probiotics are absolutely necessary to rebalance your system and keep it functioning optimally. Should you have any questions regarding the best line of defense, please visit us at the store and we will help to suggest the best product for you and your family,

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