Who is in the driver’s seat?

Where is the man you married and when did he change? As women age and they start to experience premenopausal or menopausal symptoms, they often wonder what happened to them….but more importantly, what happened to their man?

As men start to age and are past their 30’s, they start to feel less like themselves and more middle aged or just plain tired.  They may start to lose their hair, which is one of the first signs of aging or more importantly they just find they can’t keep going like they used to.

Men over the mark of 35 are starting to lose testosterone.  Their production of this hormone means a weaker sex drive and weaker erections or infrequent ones.  They will often put it down to being tired.  They are. Strength, muscle size diminishes as do energy levels.  They are starting to experience Andropause.

As the years advance and little is done, belly fat increases, poor concentration, depression, irritability and thickening of the arteries occur.  They can find themselves in a midlife crisis wondering what happened to them.  They used to be virile, strong, lots of hair on their heads instead of in the ears, nose and all places they don’t want.

Testosterone declines and estrogen increases leading to estrogen dominance.  This also means that a healthy metabolism is difficult to maintain.  Falling asleep after dinner is one symptom, prostate problems arise as well as osteoporosis being another.  These are all associated with decreased testosterone levels.

What can be done?  To reduce estrogen dominance, limit use of plastic products, avoid synthetic chemicals in your personal care, don’t use soy, eat organically where possible, weight train, sleep, and eat quality proteins and limit sugars.  There are also natural supplements that will keep testosterone levels within the body at optimum levels as well as helping to reduce or eliminate excess estrogens.

At Georgian Health Foods, we carry libido optimizing products, as well as supplements to maintain healthy erectile function.  Come in and speak to me or a staff member as to what would be ideal for you or your man.

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