In North America we believe that with sanitary conditions, great medical advancement and educated population that we have no reason to think about parasites and other bugs that take residence in our bodies. What do parasites/worms do to you and why are they important to address?

Worms cause physical trauma by perforating the intestinal tract, circulatory system and your organs.  They form a ball and can lump together to create a “nest” that may look like a tumor and block certain organs. Rob us of nutrients as they have to “eat”, so they take the best of the food we eat and then can poison us with their “waste”.  Our bodies have to work harder to not only get more nutrients but also have to eliminate not only our waste but theirs as well.

An infected person can feel bloated, tired, hungry and may have symptoms such as allergies, gas, foggy thinking and may feel toxic.  One customer said after returning from a trip south came back with a feeling of movement in his stomach area.  This is a classic situation when you travel to other areas of the world, you can pick up these critters.  You, the host now takes this home with you and can in fact, infect a partner who also becomes a “host”.

This time, I will focus on Roundworms…next will be Hookworm.  Yes, there are many different kinds that all live together and in harmony.

Roundworms are more common in warmer climates.  More than 50 per cent of people living in the southern climates are infected.  If you travel there, you are susceptible. Human infestation starts with the ingestion of the eggs which are present in contaminated soil which also grows fruit and vegetables.  Children put their hands in their mouth after playing in dirt.  A female worm can release over 200,000 eggs a day.  Ingested, the eggs pass through the digestive tract into the lungs, brain, blood, etc.  They usually lodge in the intestinal tract where they mature eating your food and producing toxic waste.  Toxins are released causing allergic reactions, pain, infections, blood sugar imbalance, weight loss and tiredness.  Anemia, snoring, intestinal gas, grinding of teeth at night and asthma are some of the other issues.

There are remedies to help eradicate these pests and are very effective.  A doctor’s testing may not show an infestation unless it is quite severe.  A good idea is to do a parasite cleanse at least every six months to keep these pests at bay and get your health back on track.  If you are interested in knowing more stop by the store and ask us to help you find the right product to do this.  A parasite cleanse can eliminate more than just these roundworms.

As always, we welcome the opportunity to answer your question regarding this, or any other health and wellness related issue you may have. Just stop by the store.

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