This is what Ponce de Leon was looking for

TA-65 is a registered and trademarked product that actually reverses aging.  It is a Nobel Prize winning supplement that turns back the biological clock and halts the aging process.

Elizabeth Blackburn, Carol Greider, researchers and Harvard geneticist Jack Szostak won the Nobel prize for developing and enzyme called “telomerase”, which determines a cell’s ability to lengthen or regrow “telomeres”.

Telomeres, are the ends or tails of our chromosomes.  Each time a cell divides, the ends shorten, hence, shortening our lifespan or simply put, we age. Shorter telomeres mean disease, less information is transmitted to new cells and abnormal cells appear due to the cell division with shortened telomeres.  Sagging skin, memory loss, cancer,osteoarthritis, Alzheimers, in essence, body breakdown. This combined with poor lifestyle are all linked to shorter DNA strands. Some of these above conditions can’t be repaired well if the cell is damaged. The exception seems to be sperm cells. That is why older men can still father children.

TA65, has been proven to actually regrow the ends of the chromosomes, or telomeres and stops the progression of aging.  It extends life and improves quality of life in the form of immunity, vitality, eyesight, sexual function, bone density, blood cholesterol, blood pressure, etc.  All things related to youthfulness including looking and feeling better.

We have customers who have taken TA65 for some time now and report, better lifestyle, energy, glasses are no longer necessary for distance or reading or vastly improved.  Cholesterol levels have normalized, blood pressure problems gone and overall feeling more youthful.

This product is a hidden gem without a lot of advertising in mainstream media.  Suzanne Somers writes about it and I had the pleasure of meeting a handful of people who use it and have reported the above mentioned benefits.  It is not inexpensive, due to the amount of raw material needed in order to produce one bottle.  2000 lbs of a single molecule of the astragalus plant is needed to produce one pound of finished product.

We have a special if mentioning you read about TA-65 in our newsletter. 10% discount on a 90 cap bottle which normally is only offered if you purchase 4 or more bottles elsewhere.  We offer this on a single bottle till Feb. 14, 2014.

This is the fountain of youth.  Look and feel better for Valentine’s Day.  Come in and ask for a brochure or check it out online.

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