I would like to address the fact that we watch or listen to the “News”.

We take for granted that what we hear or watch is fact, and since there must be some authoritative figure to tell us what we are hearing is true.  There must be some validity in research and it must be fact as someone is telling us based on that said research.

Have you ever asked yourself, is that what applies to me?  If we are following all the rules based on this research and news, we must be doing really well and feeling our best.  Hearing time and time again from people that my doctor, the news and what is heard from my neighbours that if I take “such and such” or do “such and such” I will be healthy and live a long life.  Sometimes the information we are fed is just information and it doesn’t always work out best for us.

What is this mumbo jumbo that I speak of.?

I am speaking about your health and the fact that health issues are more prevalent than before and we are sicker, fatter, dying earlier and our quality of life is not as good as that of our ancestors.  Wait a minute while I explain….

Cancer, IBS, Crohn’s and Colitis, Diabetes, Obesity, Osteoporosis, Migraines, Asthma, etc. This was not what our parent’s dealt with when I was growing up.  Yes, there were heart issues and the odd cancer.  They may have had some but not the major problems plaguing us today.  I am older than 50, so it is relative.

Our food supply was cleaner, less abundant, but we ate better, cleaner and still smoked, drank alcohol and ate sweets.  What went wrong?  Our choices that we make with our money.  That is what went wrong.  We want more for less no matter what the cost.  The producers, manufacturers and suppliers are struggling to give us what we want at a reasonable price.  Cheap that is.  Do you not remember “you get what you pay for”?  A cheap coat, shoes, car is exactly that. So is your groceries and food. If you think that cheap is just as good as the quality and more money than go for it.  But if you think insulin, inhalers, and heart medications are cheap, go for that too.  You think I speak harshly and unfairly.

You are welcome to quit reading if you want to.  This will go deeper.

If you want good health and longevity with quality of life, you need to pay for it.  That means good food. Not your grocery meats, cases of Coke, Mac and Cheese in a box and vegetables and fruits that are frozen and quick.  Meals out, because its fast and good tasting, drinks from your drive-thru that involves fake whipped toppings, loads of sugar (high fructose corn syrup), the size of a small keg.

I hear I eat well. I hear it all the time, no one readily admits that they eat poorly.

They eat what they are TOLD to eat.  Milk, cheese, oatmeal, yogurt, the odd salad…. These are additions to your meal, not the basis of your meal.  Having a bagel with cream cheese is not in your best interest.  Top it off with a coffee, triple cream and sugar.  A  few hours later, a cookie. Cause you are hungry.

Protein should be eaten at every meal and that means grass fed, pasture raised, or organic animal proteins.  If a vegetarian or vegan, your legumes and starches combined.  Boatloads of vegetables, fresh, not frozen, canned or bottled in some juice.  FRESH fruit.  Eat as much as you can fill up with.  Diabetics are often worried about the fruit, IT’S THE CARBS THAT ARE THE KILLER TO YOUR BLOOD SUGAR.  Fruit is a different sugar altogether.  Your bread, oatmeal, pasta, rice, sourdough, etc, is the major issue to your blood sugar and your cholesterol issues.

I personally advocate for the Paleo approach.  You ask why? I have been on every diet known to mankind and have tried that many.  Research, vanity and of course, health.  The goal is to eat what our ancestors ate and eat the best quality.  You can afford it.  If you can afford your vacations, your cars, you can afford to eat better. You will notice the difference. You won’t be able to consume as much as you did volume wise, you will feel better, more energy and be able to take those vacations, as you won’t be spending it on medications, doctor visits, and pricey insurance.  Does that sound harsh? Yes. I care and care a lot.  That is why I am writing this to you and telling it like it is.  No, I am not suggesting you go and throw out what you have and purchase all new groceries, but start small and work towards a completely better menu.  When you eat out, don’t pick the places that offer coupons, and deals all the time because it saves you “something”. Leave those for the really special times. You will save money in the long run when you stop buying all the unnecessary items and pick the best.  You deserve it?

I do also want to mention that taking your supplements is one way to assure yourself that you are getting the right nutrients while you make these changes.  Taking your Omegas and vitamin D is essential at this time of year especially due to the cold weather and lack of sunshine.

We are here to help if you need us.

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