To detox or not to… You can often hear me say, that you clean your car, your house, why not the house you live in – your body. As we age we accumulate debris in the form of toxins.

These are environmental; such as pollution, heavy metals, parasites, fungus overgrowth, etc.  We have eaten foods that are not good for us, drink alcohol, some smoke or did and have quit-you get the picture.

This accumulation not only ages us but slows us down and we feel tired, listless, depressed, and generally not well.  We get fat.  Toxins are often encapsulated by fat in the body, as it cannot rid itself of these toxins it protects itself by surrounding it with fat.  And you thought it was your age.

A detox need not be harsh, keep you on the throne, make you sick or worst is having you starve yourself in order to clean the house you live in.  These are all misconceptions.  A detox will allow you to detoxfiy the cells, the organs and the glands so that you feel better, sleep more restfully, have more energy as well as shed some of those pounds you would like.  Your skin improves, your eyes sparkle and you have more life in you.  Much like what a clean car or house feels like after a thorough cleaning.  This needs to be done at least twice a year-spring and fall are the best times, but don’t let that stop you from doing a cleanse if you missed this time period.

Come in and speak with one of us here at the store, so that we may match you to the right product choice for you.  Buying one over the internet, the one your friend used or just picking up anything on sale may not be appropriate and give you some challenges that are not wanted.  These are when you experience “horror” stories about detoxing.

With Summer soon upon us, there are some great specials on detox kits  here at Georgian Health Foods.  We would like to assist you in choosing one that is right for you.

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