Do fasting diets really work?

June 2020 Blog

Do Fast Diets Really Work?

Fasting diets have garnered considerable media attention in recent years as a way of losing weight and improving health. But are they really effective?

History would suggest that humans have not always had the luxury or good fortune of enjoying three meals a day. Over long periods of time, our ancestors found it necessary to scrounge for food, sometimes going long periods without eating. This begs the question, is the occasional fast good for us?

Research completed on large numbers of people for Ramadan suggests that there are benefits. Results show reductions in inflammation biomarkers which can help prevent a variety of illnesses. Other benefits include reduced coronary artery disease and a lower risk of diabetes.

In terms of weight loss and body composition, fasting can work but there is insufficient evidence to suggest that is better than overall calorie intake reduction. In fact, according to scientists at the Human Nutrition Research Center (United States), the two methods appear to produce very similar results.

Which method do you choose? There is no simple answer other than eat and diet in a way that works for you. We are all different and there are many factors that contribute to maintaining a healthy weight and body structure. It is best to consult a health professional before making any decisions related to your situation.

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