Can you have a healthy Halloween?

It’s a question that many parents ask themselves as Halloween approaches. Can Halloween be healthy for kids? Believe it or not, it can be. And without too much fuss. Here are some simple tips for “trick or treaters”.

  1. Fill-up first. Have a healthy meal at home before going out. It may reduce the temptation for kids to snack while they are walking or overindulge later.
  2. Ditch the pillowcase. Limit the size of the bag and encourage your kids to take only one piece of candy from each house.
  3. Keep them moving. Make it fun. Avoid using the car. Focus on neighborhoods that are close to home. Set a goal of how many houses to visit in a prescribed period of time.
  4. Be safe. Carry a flashlight. Outfit costumes with reflective tape. Walk with others, use a buddy system.
  5. Look before eating. Check what’s in the bag. Look at expiry dates and labels. Avoid snacks with huge amounts of sugar. If you don’t recognize the ingredients don’t eat them.

Have a safe and happy Halloween!



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