Maintaining Thyroid Health is Vital


When we think of things vital to good health our thoughts generally go to our major organs … the heart, lungs, or brain. Research has shown that a tiny gland located below the larynx arguably deserves the same attention.  The thyroid affects most of the body’s major functions from your skin to muscles and hormone levels in organs. It also plays a major role in how you perform in the bedroom! Here is a list of some of the things that a healthy thyroid gland does for us.

  1. It produces T3 and T4, hormones that are essential for regulating the metabolism of every part of the body … right down to the individual cell!
  2. It also produces a hormone called Calcitonin. Calcitonin helps keep your bones tough.
  3. It affects your libido. Low levels of T3 and T4 can kill your sex drive.
  4. It can help prevent headaches. Healthy thyroid hormone levels can help keep your head relaxed and focused.
  5. It helps keep your skeletal muscles strong. T3 is essential to muscle repair and insufficient levels affect regeneration of muscle tissue.
  6. It helps regulate the skins epidermal (outer) layer. Too little of these hormones can result in damaging thin skin.
  7. It helps keep your arteries elastic which in turn regulates your heartbeat.
  8. It helps prevent hypertension.
  9. It helps maintain a healthy body weight. People deficient in thyroid hormones stand a greater chance of gaining weight because their body does not convert food to energy quickly.
  10. It is connected to joint pain. Low T3 and T4 levels may be the reason you are experiencing muscle pains and aches.

And there’s more …

The good news is that for most of us, maintaining good thyroid health is as simple as eating right. These graphic displays foods that promote thyroid health.

For more detailed information, including nutrition tips and suggestions, please refer to this article Things to Eat for Improving Your Thyroid (

We hope that you find this information to be helpful. As always, we recommend you consult your health practitioner for advice related to your specific case and conditions.

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