Metabolic Syndrome – It’s a real thing!

Metabolic SyndromeSlowly but surely pandemic restrictions are being lifted. Have you noticed that friends and neighbourshave put on weight around their mid-section? An unfortunate biproduct of isolation is a condition that medical professionals have named Metabolic Syndrome. The World Health Organization characterizes Metabolic Syndrome as abdominal obesity, insulin resistance, and high blood fats.

If left untreated, Metabolic Syndrome can progress to Type 2 Diabetes, not to mention a myriad of health problems that are associated with obesity and high blood pressure such as heart disease and stroke.

What can you do? Why not look to mother nature. Remember the old saying … “an apple a day keeps the doctor away”? As it turns out, there is scientific fact to back up this statement. Recent research has shown that apple polyphenols, micronutrients that are full of antioxidants, help with digestion and can be effective in reducing fat. Polyphenols are also known to promote longevity. Studies have also shown that individuals who consume high amounts of polyphenols have lower rates of disease.

Like anything else in life, there is no substitute for making good choices. For starters, eat well. Stay away from sugary foods and drinks, limit your alcohol intake, and include several portions of cruciferous vegetables in your daily food intake. Also, be sure to partake in some form of exercise for thirty minutes daily. Still feel like you need help. Consult a natural health professional.

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