Not getting enough sleep? You should be concerned.

Sleep is not the sexiest health related topic. In fact, many of us live sleep deprived lives and are completely unaware of the potential health risks associated with a constant lack of sleep.  

Recent research suggests that we need sleep to remove toxins and metabolic trash from the brain. This trash may be linked to Alzheimer’s disease. Short periods of sleep have also been associated with greater risk of obesity, hypertension, diabetes and depression. Research completed in 2019 by Tuft’s University found increased plaque (atherosclerosis) in all arteries the result of lower sleep times. All this to say, getting a good night’s sleep is VERY important – perhaps more important than we think!

What can we do to improve our sleep patterns? Here are several natural approaches. Be aware that alcohol consumption, while stimulating, can result in interrupted and restless sleep. The affects of alcohol consumption may be more troublesome for women as they metabolize alcohol differently than men. Caffeine and nicotine are also stimulants, the consumption of which before bedtime may result in a poor sleep. Also, consider drinking less fluids in the evening, thus eliminating the need for that middle of the night trip to the bathroom.  

Always try natural approaches before resorting to pills. If all else fails, consult your health practitioner. We can work with your practitioner to help find a sleep aid that is best for you.   

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