Protect Yourself Against Ticks

​June 2020 Blog

Protect Yourself Against Ticks

As we make our way through the pandemic and opportunities for outdoor recreation open, beware of ticks in wooded areas. A recent article in the Canadian Medical Association Journal reported that tick bites can trigger diverse symptoms and, in some cases, might be fatal.

Ticks are black-legged insects related to spiders. They need a host to feed and have a two-year life cycle. Tick season typically runs from April through October.  And, they are plentiful … as many as 2,000 infected ticks in an acre of wooded land.

Tick bites are sometimes difficult to detect. They sometimes eat and move on. A tick bite may produce a little bump or result in a rash that is red in colour and looks like a bullseye. In other instances, ticks may become logged in the skin in which case it is important to remove it as soon as possible. Typical symptoms following a bite include a low-grade fever, headache, sore muscles, fatigue and joint pain. If you suspect you’ve been bitten and experience any of these symptoms, contact your medical professional immediately.

As is this case with any infection, the best remedy is prevention. Wear clothing that will protect you against insect bites and use insect repellent. Follow a strict regime of checking yourself for bites after having been in a wooded area. Be vigilant and be safe!

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