Simple ways to reduce your carbon footprint

Climate change is real and is threatening our very existence. Many of us would like to lower our carbon footprint but don’t know where to start. Here are several food related ways to have a positive impact that we can all do at home.

1. Become a Climatarian
Simply put, a Climatarian is someone who eats with climate change in mind. The basic concept is to avoid eating foods whose cultivation significantly contributes to global warming. This includes things like eating locally produced food (to reduce emissions associated with transportation) and using every part of food (apple cores, cheese rinds, etc.) to limit food waste.

2. Choose organic
When you buy organically grown produce or plant-based foods, you are supporting farmers whose growing practices result in lower carbon emissions and strong carbon absorption.

3. Cut back on dairy
Dairy products are the second to meat as the largest contributor to greenhouse gas emissions. Consuming dairy alternatives made from plants such as cashew, coconut, almond, hemp and soy can have a positive effect on your footprint.

4. Stop overfilling your kettle
Several studies have shown that a kettle can consume more power than an oven or microwave over the course of a year. While it is true that an oven will consume more power when it is on, constantly filling a kettle a kettle and boiling more water than necessary will consume more electricity over time. Who knew? The solution? Fill the kettle appropriately or switch to an energy-efficient model.

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