Superfoods Part #1 – Artichokes

This is the first of a 4-part series on superfoods that are not well known to many people.

When we think of superfoods things like blueberries, seeds and green tea come to mind. Few of us would ever think of artichokes.

Artichokes are an abundant source of nutrition. They are full phytochemicals such as lutein; vitamins like A, E and K; amino acids; and enzymes. Artichokes also contain vitamin B12, essential to those on a meat-free diet.

Artichokes are dense in mineral composition as well. High in magnesium, artichokes work to calm your body by providing nourishment to the liver, spleen, pancreas, brain, adrenals, and thyroid. They are an ideal food for people with diabetes or other blood sugar disorders and are also one of the best foods for reducing calcification in the body.

So, what are you waiting for? Add artichokes to your diet. Start with this recipe on How to Cook and Eat Artichoke.

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