Probiotics -Tiffany’s Favourite Supplements #4

We are often asked, “what supplements should we be taking”? This is a difficult question to answer as our bodies are unique and so many factors come in to play. We always recommend that you consult your natural health practitioner when it comes to making personal choices on supplements.

We thought it may be of interest to you, to hear from our in-house Holistic Nutritionist Tiffany Sale on what her favourite supplements are and why. This is the fourth of a 4-part series on Tiffany’s favourite supplements. This blog features “Probiotics”.

Many experts say that the key to good health is a healthy gut. Most of us have some knowledge of the benefits of taking a daily probiotic supplement. The most commonly known benefits relate to things we easily associate with gut health. For example, probiotics are widely used to provide relief from Diarrhea and digestive disorders such as IBS and Chron’s Disease.

The benefits of taking probiotics are, however, wide-reaching and go far beyond the gut. They can also help improve mental health, assist in maintaining good oral hygiene and boost your immune system!

For more details on these and other benefits of probiotics please refer to this article.

As always, we recommend you follow the guidance of a natural health practitioner when making decisions regarding which supplements would most benefit you.

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