These are unprecedented times

April 2020 Blog

These are unprecedented times … all of us have come to this realization. We are worried for our families, our friends, our jobs and the future of our planet. Everything seems so uncertain at this time.

To make matters worse, many of us are self-isolating. Some are trapped in precarious situations trying to get home or at risk of domestic abuse. Others are simply alone, feeling imprisoned in their own home. Whatever your circumstances, it is almost certain that you are dealing with increased levels of stress and anxiety.

Our behavioral choices have a direct impact on how we manage stress and ultimately our health. It is important, critically important, that we remain conscious of our mental state and do our best to maintain a positive outlook.

There are many examples of how people worldwide are alleviating stress during this crisis. Neighbours are singing songs from balconies, musicians are streaming concerts, on-line communities are sprouting up everywhere … people are banding together (albeit remotely) to fight off anxiety and not succumb to the side effects of COVID-19.

So why not see this as an opportunity. Complete a home project that you’ve been meaning to get to for years. Read a good book (or maybe a few). Try some proven natural approaches to stave off anxiety like exercise, mediation or yoga. Eat well, try a new recipe. Better yet, stay in contact with others. Call someone who may be lonely and offer reassurance and kindness. Most of all, stay home and keep yourself healthy.

Together, we will get through this.

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