Women and Heart Disease

When we think of heart disease, our attention almost always goes to men. This is likely because heart attacks occur in men earlier in life. While it is true that more men die of heart disease, it is seven times more deadly than breast cancer for women. In fact, plaque buildup in the heart’s arteries contributes to the death of one in three women. That’s more than cancers, respiratory diseases or accidents combined. And that’s a staggering statistic!

So why is that many women suffer from the effects of coronary heart disease (CHD) without being diagnosed? Chest pain is the most common symptom but at least one-third of women do not present this symptom during a heart attack. The other symptoms – shortness of breath, fatigue, palpitations, dizziness, etc. – are often ignored and sometimes mistaken for anxiety or panic attacks.

Are you at risk of CHD? There are many factors to consider. For example, family history, blood pressure, body weight, and cholesterol levels are all factors that can contribute to CHD. If you feel you may be at risk, a visit with your health practitioner may be in order. Your doctor can help you determine your risk of CDH and prescribe a path for reducing risk by undertaking preventive measures.



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