Summer is here and an ice cream cone should hit the spot about now…..Be careful of what you buy.  Many are more chemical pools than having to do with a contented cow. Sundaes, banana splits or that ice cream soda is more a mixture of antifreeze, oil paints, paint remover, leather cleaner, lice killer and other solvents.  Don’t believe it? I’ll explain.

In the mass producing age we live in, most ice creams are synthetic and cheaply produced.  Hence, cheap to buy for you also.  Diethylglucol is an inexpensive emulsifier used instead of eggs.  It is identical to the chemical used in antifreeze and paint removers.  Piperonal, a substitute for vanilla, commonly called vanillin, is used in lice killers. Aldehyde C17, an inflammable liquid used to flavour cherry ice cream and finds its way into aniline dyes, plastic and rubber. Ethyl acetate is a cleaner for leather and textiles, it flavours pineapple and causes heart and liver damage . That walnut type ice cream contains Butyraldehyde and is a common ingredient in rubber cement. Strawberry which is the tastier chemical, is Benzyl Acetate. Some chemicals become food additives, while others can be manipulated to clean your leather couch or coat.

So you wonder why the “real” ice cream costs so much, well here you have it.  Think about the lower fat treat known as ice milk.  When you freeze a bag of milk, what happens? It is solid mass and let me ask you, can you grab your ice cream scoop and just scoop it into your cone? I know I haven’t been able to do it successfully, so you ask what is added to make it “scoopable”?

Your answers are above…….buy the best you can afford, as you cannot afford not to. Avoiding dairy or lactose intolerant and still want to enjoy? We have healthy alternatives and they don’t contain any of the above ingredients. Stop by the store and let us show you healthier options.

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