I read a recent article in Nutrition Action that made comment on the fact that they purported that vitamins and minerals as a supplement were in fact dangerous and caused disease and could result in fatalities.  The news on the radio stated that if you ate your food that would be enough and a supplement is unnecessary and a purchase best not made.

 As a dietician and nutritionist, I vehemently disagree.  I wrote earlier about why supplementation was necessary, however, the news is in the forefront and people have a tendency to listen to what the “experts” say….

The experts are involved in the scientific world, where idealistically they are right.  We don’t live in an ideal world anymore.  Back in horse drawn buggy days where there was no pollution, water was clean, the words “cancer” had no meaning and your doctor came to the house to take care of what ailed you.

When was the last time you saw a worm in an apple?  If the worms eat them, you should too. Remember when milk went sour soon after bringing it home, bread went moldy and strawberries were tiny morsels, and not huge “frankenberries”?

Think back to the days when children had rosy cheeks and not from playing in the cold, obesity was not part of our vocabulary and you were not on a cocktail of pills from your doctor(s)?

Food, back in the day was wholesome, untouched by GMO’s and grown on small farms to provide you with the best.  This is what you need to be consuming to get all the nutrients one needs to maintain a healthy lifestyle. This is not what we have readily available to us now.  Big industry provides drive thru, vast sizing and way more sugar than you can ever dig your way out of.  This leaves the body in a depressed and undernourished state.  The empty calories, the nutrient devoid foods and the pollution and chemicals destroy what was once vibrant health and we now have more disease than ever before, with a shortage of doctors to boot.

Yes, we live longer…but are we living healthier, better lives?  Diet is a huge industry and the reason is we are fat! Why, we eat well….is it too well or is it we are actually starving and trying to fill the nutrient void?  I believe it is the latter.

The “experts” tell us to eat less. We do but can’t drop the weight due to the fact we are starving for what the body actually needs and it needs more to compensate for the state of affairs.

The multivitamins sold in mass market are usually synthetic and made up of synthetic materials.  One would only know they are if you truly understood the labels.  How can you tell if acetate is natural or not, or dl is the same as d and I am not speaking of the actual vitamin D….but of Vitamin E and what is a mixed E vs one?  This is something you may not know but where you shop makes a huge difference in your pocket book as well as your health.

Synthetic vitamins can cause health issues but a good, naturally-sourced   multivitamin will fill the void where your diet didn’t.  Read my earlier blog on why a multivitamin is necessary. You are the consumer and one who lives in the “house” you were born with. How you look after your house is up to you and the more informed you are the better your house protects you.  If you give it cheap quality materials, you will be constantly repairing vs a good maintenance program with quality nutrients it will last you a much longer time and the enjoyment will be profound.

The medical establishment is there as support and should only be used as such, not your lifeline where you spend considerable dollars and time in it.  Please be patient when starting a new protocol as it takes time to kick in, but the rewards will be justified.

If we can be of help in choosing the best for your house, please come in and see us in Collingwood.

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